Norbert Hermanns studied singing at the music conservatory in Essen and Düsseldorf, music-therapy at the University of Münster and religious education in Paderborn, all Germany.
Since 2001 Mr. Hermanns has been working as a music-therapist in the psycho-oncological department at the University Hospital of Cologne
LebensWert e.V. and for 19 years as a singer at the Opera-Chorus of Cologne and as a concertsinger.
He specializes in the music-therapeutic practice of singing and has established three singing-groups for patients at the University Hospital since 2006.
Besides that, he works as a music-therapist with in and out cancer patients.
He is engaged in the international network
singing hospitals as a seminar leader and honorary chairman.


Concerts as solo artist
  • ARD (Weihnachtsoratorium of H. Distler)
  • Aula of the University in Budapest
  • Hotel Adlon in Berlin (several times)
  • Schloß Erpenbrunn
  • 1998-2010 four productions with „Die Cöll´schen Salonlöwen“ on behalf of „Lifta“ with ca. 80 performances
  • and much else

Concerts as choir member

Adviser activities

  • Workshop and presentation at the National Conference for Cancer Survivorship 2013 (Irish Cancer Society) in Dublin „Singing with cancer patients - the work of singing hospitals“
  • Workshop with Elke Wünnenberg at the ÖGPO-Annual-Conference 2013 (Association For Psyooncology In The Austrian Cancer Society) „Singing with cancer patients“
  • Workshops and presentation at the 1. Segeberger Symposium 2012 Morbus Parkinson - Medicine and Art „Singing with Parkinson - The work of Singing Hospitals“
  • Workshop and presentation at the PSO-Annual Conference 2011(Association For Psyooncology In The German Cancer Society) „About the use of musictherapy and voice in the oncology“
  • Workshop and interactive presentation „The work of the ‘Singing Hospitals’ network - Expression of emotions in voice and body“ at the Christ Church University Canterbury in November 2011
  • Workshop in the scope of the healthcare-conference „Limits and und opportunities of medicine today“ at the Melanchthon Academy Cologne: „Singing as a link between psyche and soma“
  • Since 2010 co-leadership of the seminar "Healing singing in healthcare-facilities/hospitals - seminar for singing leader“ for the international network Singing Hospitals
  • Workshops and interactive presentations to voicetraining and musictherapy
  • 2002-2007 every year: Eclective seminar for medical students
  • Various seminars at the protestant College Of Higher Education Bochum since 2007 „Musictherapy and voice“
  • Since 2003 every year: Ethics seminar for medical students
  • Seminar at the Business College Cologne at the 24.3.09 „musictherapy in the socio-pedagoical field of work“
  • Presentation „Musictherapy and voice in pain therapy“ on the pain-symposium on the 20.8.08 at the Gustav-Lübke Museum Hamm
  • Presentation „Musictherapy and voice in pain therapy“ on the care-symposium on the 30.3.07 at the University of Cologne
  • Presentation „Voice therapy – wellness for body and mind“ on 10.10.05 at the University Hospital Großhadern Munich
  • Presentation „Music, voice and role playing as therapy“ - congress for patients „Onkologisches Forum“ on 30.4.05 at the University Hospital Cologne
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